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The Kindergarten Teacher's Creed

I bring the gift of myself To this celebration of life We call the Kindergarten. I come each day To be refined, smoothed, tempered, For I hold in my hands, with wonder and gratitude The future! Seeds of the future are in the oneness Of all nature and all people In tune with the divine to found in our hearts That I give, through the joy and beauty of love. —Betty Peck


The soil is made of butterfly wings, dinosaur teeth, pumpkin seed, Lizard skins and fallen leaves. Put your hand in the soil and touch yesterday, and all that will be left of tomorrow Shall Return So that new life can celebrate this day. —Betty Peck

True Gift

There are many gifts. But a true gift is something you make, because you make it with your imagination, your time, your money, your hands, your brain, and your best wishes.

You are really wrapping yourself up and giving yourself away.

Of course, that means there is more of you everywhere.

And when you bump into pieces of your good old wonderful self,

Sparkles fill the air.

—Betty Peck

Mirror Verse

Written around the border of a mirror: Thank you for every magic moment that makes it possible for me to stand here and to feel how truly wonderful I am. —Betty Peck

The Garden

The garden is the source of all life and the basis of all art. —Betty Peck

Toast to a Liberated Wife

To that womanhood without which there is no manhood; To that independence without which there is no belonging; To that love without which there is no mystery; May that mystery never be solved. —Willys Peck, for Betty